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This site is dedicated to the work of Loren Woodard and his students.

Loren has been helping new carvers in learning to carve in multiple styles, bark, caricature and realistic human subjects.

Loren has been carving for thirty-two years, guest carver at Silver Dollar City, demonstrated carving at the Peter Engler Design shop, and has a great love of Christmas and carves many Santa Clauses, Snowmen, and Christmas ornaments. In addition, Loren carves bark, caricature, and realistic human subjects.

Loren has studied under many of the nation's well-known carvers such as John Burke, Jeff Phares, Stu Marten, Gerald Sears, Phil and Vickie Bishop, Harold Enlow, John Engler, Fred and Elaine Stenman, Debbie Edwards, Gary Falin and several others.

You can find info about Loren's courses on the Event Schedule and you can contact him for one of his carving classes by using the Contact in the menu above.